Container Versus Tanker

A seafarer can choose between working on a container or tanker ships. The choice on if to work on either depends on some factors which include;

  • Experience on the particular type of ship.
  • The amount payments each offer.
  • Personal preferences.
  • Some years they have worked on each type of ship.
  • Availability of the certified course required.

Advantages and disadvantages of tankers

More remuneration

wsdfsdAn officer working on tanker ships earns about 1.5 times more than those on containers. Hence most prefer to work on tankers because of the high pay, after all, it is all about money.

Longer sailing hours

For those comfortable at sea, this is the best option. There is a lot of work on ports. Hence seafarers prefer long sailing with a few ports.
High safety standards. We all want to feel secure in our place of work. Hence, more seafarers choose tankers because they are assured of safety.

Fewer cargo operations

In point two above, we mentioned that tankers make less visit to ports. This contributes to fewer operations. It is, of course, easy to work where there is less work.

More savings

A crew working on a tanker will end up saving more at the end of the day. Reason being, they access the port a few times during their sail hence they spend less. If you make more visits to the port, you end up using a lot of money there.

wqsdcfcfWith all the advantages, there is this disadvantage related to working on tanker ships. Continuous working may lead to various health hazards. The crew it is prone to sea sickness because of the long sailing periods and also the tankers carry dangerous goods which cause a danger to their lives in case an accident occur.