Flashlights and their uses


A torch or a flashlight is a device that is used when a person requires light. There are many situations in which is can come in handy. You will find many different models, and they have various designs and also will use multiple sources of power. In this article, we will take a look at the ones available on the market, their applications and if you want to buy any one of them, you can check out the models here.

A little history

The first known flashlight was built around 1899 where a dry battery and a small aa16incandescent bulb was used. In the modern world, many of these devices use an incandescent or light emitting diodes along with disposable or rechargeable batteries. Many rechargeable models use a crank that is turned, a solar panel or shaken in order to recharge. However, the conventional models employ dry disposable batteries to operate.

Where it is used

A flashlight can be seen in many different situations. You will see it in daily life if people walk in dark roads where there are no streetlights, they are used in homes when there is a power outage and also during emergency situations. The flashlight is used by ordinary people and those who are in the law enforcement and emergency services sectors too. However, there are differences between them so let us take a look at what they are.

Flashlights used in homes and offices

If you go to the closet and take out your flashlight, you may notice a few things. It may have a small incandescent bulb or LED’s, it may have a body made of plastic, and it will often use dry battery cells. They are cheap and can be purchased in many stores. You can also buy many models that contain rechargeable batteries.

aa15Law enforcement and rescue services

Unlike the models used in a home, the flashlights used by these professionals need to be stronger and more efficient. They use high-performance LED’s that are bright and can last longer. They will contain high capacity batteries so that the user will have light for an extended period. These models are known as tactical flashlights. Many are water and shock proof and have the capability to lighten of the way even in an emergency situation like a storm. The body of such models are made of lightweight aluminum, and they will last for many years.